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Monday, February 9, 2009


Ya ALLAH, The most glory,
In this beautiful day,
We seek your blessing and your guidance,
To bless with your lights and your grace...

Ya ALLAH, The most compassionate,
Absolve our sin,
Our family's sin,
Our teacher's sin,
And so the rest other muslimin and muslimat,
And prevent us from sinning again and being sinned for....

Ya ALLAH, The most merciful,
Grant us the strength to free ourselves from ignorance,
save us from temptation that comes from untamed desire,
Bestow us opportunities to repent our foolishness in the past,
And spare us from agonizing retribution,
And bless us with wealth and your ultimate affection... .

Ya ALLAH, The almighty,
Bestow us perseverance and serenity,
As you promised in your glad tidings,
So that we would be successful,
In going through lips and bounds,
Of test and temptation.. .

Ya ALLAH, The master of the universe,
In our quest for knowledge,
Bring us together,
Grant us wisdom,
So that we can prevent ourselves from HASAD,
So that we have affection among ourselves,
And not hatred.....


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